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Tuition and Fees

A university education is a significant investment for students and their families. Our rigorous academic programs, caring faculty and close community ensure that your investment will be a rewarding one.

Institution Tuition Fees*(i) Residence Fees*(ii) Textbooks & Supplies* Additional Fees* Total Annual Cost*(iii)
Tyndale University College $14,670 $6,160 $1,000 $21,830
Canadian Public
Universities ¹
$6,120 $10,190 $1,060 $950 $18,320
Canadian Christian Universities ² $14,420 $7,000 $1,260 $760 $23,440
American Christian Universities ³ $27,570

* average costs based on 2014/15 academic year in CAD Dollars
(i) Tuition fees assume a full course load
(ii) Residence fees including a meal plan
(iii) International students may incur additional costs.
¹ Average based on York University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Queens University.
² Average based on Crandall University, Trinity Western University, and Redeemer University.
³ Average based on Liberty University, Biola University, Wheaton College, and Gordon College. American Christian Universities are in US Dollars. Full Course Load for American Christian Universities is 12-18 credit hours.


**Note: The fees posted below are for the 2016 - 2017 academic year. Prices are subject to change.

Application Fees and Deposits

Application Fee for North American applicants $50
Application Fee for non-North American applicants $150
Application Fee for occasional student $25
Late Application Fee for North American applicants after August 1 (fall) and December 1 (winter) $100
Reactivation Fee (reapplying after 3 years of non-enrollment) $50
Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $300
Tuition Deposit for the B.Ed. or D.Min (non-refundable) $500

University College Tuition Fees

Tuition (per 3 credit hour course) $1,404
Student Activity Fee $18
Resource Fee $63
Administration Fee (non-refundable) $39
Total Tuition & Fees (per 3credit hour course) $1,524
Course Fees  
Additional fees for development trips $2,000 - $4,000
Leading Edge
  • Events
  • Inner-City Missions Trip
  • Urbana Student Mission (optional)
  • $150
  • $800
  • $1,000 - $1,500

Bachelor of Education Tuition Fees

Total Program Costs $28,100

Seminary Tuition Fees

Tuition (per 3 credit hour course) $1,161
Student Activity Fee $12
Resource Fee $63
Administration Fee (non-refundable) $39
Seminary Total Tuition & Fees (per 3 credit hour course) $1,275

Doctor of Ministry Tuition Fees

Cohort Program Fee per year $6,540

General Fee Schedule

Audit (no other discount applicable)
Note: Tyndale graduates may audit one course free of charge after graduation.
Late Registration (full-time & part-time returning students) $50
Letter of Permission $25
Official Statement/Letter $10
Official Transcript - rush service $20
UC Orientation Fee (required for all new students taking 2 or more courses) $200
Replacement of ID Card $10
Replacement of T2202A per tax year $10
Thesis Binding Fee $25-50
Transfer Credit Evaluation $25
Graduation Late Fee $35

*Meal credits cannot be converted to cash. Additional meal credits may be purchased for the meal card in $100 increments. Meal credits expire at the end of each term.