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You have a passion for how the world moves and evolves and are fascinated by life, from the structure of a single living cell to the global ecosystem. There are so many amazing ways you can be part of a team that wants to make a difference, from working in a cancer clinic to taking care of a sick animal. Or, you might want to work on green energy projects that will improve the world we live in.

In the Biology program at Tyndale, you will explore cell biology and genetics, study organisms and more. Professors will work with you at your own pace and help you fully understand the concepts and theories. With your classmates, you will put the theories into practice in real-world experiments. Tyndale is a place where you can freely explore how science and faith, evolution and God's creation are integrated. Take your first two years at Tyndale, and finish your BSc or BSc Honours degree at Nipissing University or other universities.

You will benefit from faculty who are deeply passionate about their areas of expertise.
Professors invest in your personally and are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.
“You’re not just a number. In fact, I don’t think my professors even know what my student number is.” – Scott Wessel, student

For a future career as a

  • Environmental Engineer
  • Medical Doctor
  • Veterinarian
  • Naturopath

Read how graduates are making an impact and how their Tyndale university experience prepared them.

Janney Lock

At first, I was deeply anxious about financing my education. However, I came to the realization that if Tyndale was where God wanted me to be then He would unlimitedly provide.

Mark Fisk

I chose Tyndale because I knew that I wanted a quality education in a place where I could grow closer to God.

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A university education is an investment in your future. We are here to help you make this investment as affordable as possible.
“I consider my Tyndale Education an investment and valuable for the direction of my life.” – Janney Locke, student.

Here are some interesting courses you may take in the Biology program:

  • Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Biology of Seedless Plants
  • Molecular and Cell Biology

Program Faculty

Prof. Joseph Bishay