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About Us

Tyndale University College

Tyndale offers a distinct Christian undergraduate university experience where students develop the skills to think analytically and respond to the issues of today and tomorrow. Smaller classes nurture a strong sense of community and dialogue between students and professors.

  Degree Options

The university offers Bachelor’s degrees and honours degrees in Arts (BA), Education (BEd), Religious Education (BRE) and a Certificate in Christian Studies. These degrees prepare graduates for dynamic careers, professional programs, graduate programs at other universities and for life.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) students can pursue a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, Biology, Business Administration, English, History, Human Services, Linguistics, Math, Philosophy or Psychology. BA Honours degrees are also available for Biblical Studies and Theology, Business Administration, English, History, Philosophy and Psychology. The Tyndale undergraduate university experience is known for high quality academics that are interwoven with faith. It is a community of students and faculty that challenge each other to live authentically, follow Christ and actively engage their culture.

The Bachelor of Education (BEd) is an intensive one-year program that prepares teacher candidates to become certified teachers in Ontario. The program immerses teacher candidates in the teaching profession through learning from experienced faculty, exposure to a variety of classroom settings and the formation of an engaging learning community.

The Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) has three focused ministry options. It is a three-year, practical and professional program designed to prepare graduates for ministry in local churches, para-church organizations or missions. BRE students may choose from General Ministries, Pastoral Ministry or Youth Ministry.