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When my daughter was exploring opportunities for a university education, I found myself caught in two tensions. I wanted her have the best education possible and at the same time to find a place where faith and character would be formed... continue reading

Parents & Family

Making an Impact

Read how graduates are making an impact and how their Tyndale university experience prepared them.

Mark Fisk

I chose Tyndale because I knew that I wanted a quality education in a place where I could grow closer to God.

Janney Lock

At first, I was deeply anxious about financing my education. However, I came to the realization that if Tyndale was where God wanted me to be then He would unlimitedly provide.

Connor MacDonald

Connor saw the potential of a history degree when he chose to study at Tyndale. Connor plans to pursue post-graduate...

Whitney Reeve

Whitney Reeve works as a Behaviour Analyst in a clinic, where she helps to improve the lives of children with autism ...

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