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Emily Crouse [BA English] accepted a job as a Writer and Researcher at a Psychotherapy clinic just two weeks after completing her final course.

Powerful truths about labour, gender issues and religion in the nineteenth-century jump off the page as you read a slave narrative so gripping that you cannot put it down. Your empathy is engaged. Fascinated by the work of a famous playwright, you wrestle with how a topic such as shame can be met with such enlivening wit. You ask big questions. What is truth? What is goodness? What is beauty? As you immerse yourself in the study of literature your worldview is broadened.

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Arts in English stimulates your curiosity and challenges you to think critically as you study a broad range of genres, from Canadian poetry to African American fiction, and authors from John Milton to Jane Austen. You learn how to make connections between classical literature and faith-based concepts. Professors teach you how to write persuasively, frame a compelling narrative, and analyze levels of meaning in texts. You even build your portfolio with opportunities to edit books and publish or perform your own work.

While a student, Conor Sweetman [BA English] had the opportunity to copy edit one professor’s work, write a chapter for another’s book and publish an article in a Christian journal.

Graduates are working as

  • Writer/Editor
  • Teacher (Elementary, English)
  • Youth Worker
  • Government Intern

Program Options

  • Available as a Major
  • Available as a Minor
  • Available as an Honours Degree

Read how graduates are making an impact and how their Tyndale university experience prepared them.

Janney Lock

At first, I was deeply anxious about financing my education. However, I came to the realization that if Tyndale was where God wanted me to be then He would unlimitedly provide.

Mark Fisk

I chose Tyndale because I knew that I wanted a quality education in a place where I could grow closer to God.

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“What I love about literature is that you get to see history in action. You read stories of people who were at a battle or the poor and the rich during the Industrial Revolution strikes.”
– Brent Bonvanie [BA Hons. English]. Brent is in his Masters at the University of Toronto with a focus on Victorian and Modern literature.

Here are some interesting courses you may take in the English program:

  • Studies in C.S. Lewis
  • Shakespeare
  • The Bible as Literature
  • Science Fiction and Sub-creation
  • Arthurian Literature

Program Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Davey

Dr. Natasha Duquette

Dr. Scott Masson