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Student Life


Tyndale focuses on your development as a whole person. Do things you’re passionate about. Get closer to God. Make life-long friends. Play sports. Take the stage. Student life is the start of an adventure of a lifetime.


Be exactly who you are. You’ll fit right in. Like any community, Tyndale is  diverse brought together by common interests. Bring your guitar, build your own video studio in your dorm room, setup marathon game nights and start a spontaneous hockey game in the gym.

Be Inspired

Join chapel and you’ll be challenged and inspired to dive deep in your relationship with God. Be inspired by your friends who go the extra mile for you when you need it. Experience God at work locally and around the world on a mission trip. The Tyndale community will walk with you on your spiritual journey with our prayer groups, worship teams, and student leaders.

Get Involved

Try out something new while doing things you are already  passionate about. Floor hockey. Student Council. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Habitat for Humanity. Get involved in any of these things while you’re here. Actually, why not do all of them?