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Tyndale Campus Facilities

Tyndale campus is your campus, a second home away from home. We have many different services for you to enjoy while at Tyndale.

Coffee shop – Our newly renovated coffee shop proudly serves Starbucks coffee. There’s more than coffee too! We have snacks, pizza, and deliciously fresh sandwiches, soup, salads, and pastries.

Dining Hall – Everybody loves food and nothing brings people together like a good meal. Come to the floor 200 dining hall to eat, laugh, and enjoy food with friends.

Gymnasium - The swish of a net, the cheer of the crowd as you score a goal, the laughter and relationships formed through sweat and competition - Tyndale’s gym is ready to host your workouts and sports games. Use the treadmill to get that run in when the weather won’t cooperate, use the machines and weights to keep in shape throughout the year, join an intramural team for some friendly competition between your classmates, and grab your friends for a pick-up game.

Outdoor Facilities – Nobody wants to be stuck inside on a beautiful day. Eat your lunch outside and enjoy the nice weather before winter hits. Spend your time outside with your friends and enjoy the fresh air in Tyndale’s courtyards.

Computer Labs – Have that constant need to check your facebook? We have you covered. Our computer labs are there to check what your friends have recently tweeted, to print that paper due in a few minutes, to check your grades on mytyndale, and you know, do some work like researching or writing.

Library – Have a paper to research? Need a quiet place to work? The Library has all the resources you need. Use your Tyndale student card to borrow books, or go online and check out the online collection of articles.

Katimavik Lounge – Katimavik means “meeting place” in Inuktitut and that is exactly what this lounge is. The Katimavik is the hub of activity for students, you can play pool, ping-pong, foosball, and just hang out. There are also sofas and big screen TVs for special TV events, and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave so you can have some snacks while you hang out, just bring enough to share!

Parking – Looking to show off that sweet mini-van or car your parents are letting you drive to school? We have affordable parking available on campus. There are parking plans and individual day passes to match your needs. All parking fees are plugged directly back into the parking lot upkeep and maintenance. If there is any extra money collected, after all the repairs and maintenance is done, the money goes directly into the student bursary fund.