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Student Events

Get involved in one of the many events going on at Tyndale during the school year. Tyndale has an incredibly diverse student body, so a huge range of events happen at the school. Pick your favorites and make your university experience rich, transformational, and unforgettable. Check out some of these sample events that go on most years.

Spring Arts Festival

If you're an artist, join in the Spring Arts festival and share your talents with the community.


If you like to just relax and hang out, you can come out to a uniquely-themed Winter or Spring banquet.

Love Knits

If a ball of string is just your thing, get your needles ready and knit clothing for the homeless.

Open Mic Night

If music is a big part of your life, enter the spotlight at a packed Open Mic Night.


If going crazy on stage is your thing, don't miss out on the wild Airbandz competition.

That's just the beginning. You'll always have something new to experience, learn, and explore by getting involved in all the student events.