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Information for Transfer Students

An image of two students, a boy and a girl discussing a topic with their professor with the quote by Manianga Samuel [BA] saying: "Tyndale Equipped me with the critical and analytical skills that proved to be crucial in helping me succeed in graduate school and in my career"

Welcome to TyndaleU!

At TyndaleU, you will grow academically and in your faith for a successful career. There are so many stories of alumni thriving as they follow their dreams. At Tyndale, Peter Choi [BA History, JD] formed his passion for defending people caught in sex trafficking in Southeast Asia, and will soon graduate as a lawyer. Keith Brink [BA Business Administration] was mentored by his professors and is now the founder and co-CEO of a company that connects talented people from developing economies with North American clients. Whitney Reeve [BA Psychology] had the opportunity to work directly with children who live with autism through a research program at Tyndale. She now uses the skills she developed to make a difference as a Behaviour Analyst.

Tyndale professors will invest in YOU personally, advise you as you apply to jobs and graduate schools, and discuss your future over a cup of coffee. They will help you tailor your studies to your personal career goals. With an average class size of 22, you will not be just a number. The community accepts you as you are and challenges you to become the person you are meant to be. Transfer to TyndaleU today.

Been out of school for a while? We understand that it can be a challenge to return to school. You may still qualify as a transfer student, no matter how much time has passed since you attended university or college. Talk to an admissions counsellor today to explore your options.