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Julius Naredo



Julius Naredo – UrbanPromise

Program: Bachelor of Religious Studies [2009]
Job: Site Supervisor at UrbanPromise Toronto

Julius Naredo [Bachelor of Religious Studies 2009] is living out his passion for urban communities as a site supervisor in the Jane and Finch area with UrbanPromise Toronto, an organization that uses holistic practices to bring hope to children, youth and families living in Toronto Community Housing. Julius has a variety of roles in his job – he leads children’s and junior high camps, hosts after school programs, provides tutoring assistance, coordinates UrbanPromise volunteers and provides practical assistance to local single parents.

Julius’ approach to his job is lifestyle-oriented – he has chosen to live with roommates from various cultures in the community where he works. “I knew that God could do more through me if I just moved in,” he says. “I didn’t have a set agenda, I just wanted to get to know people and let them get to know me.”

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