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Laura Blumenstock


Laura Blumenstock

Program: BA Health & Human Services SSW [2014]
Job: Career & Job Placement Specialist

Laura Blumenstock [BA Human Services – Social Service Work 2014] began her career as a career and job placement specialist in the social service work industry very quickly after graduating from Tyndale. She credits the academic atmosphere and faculty at Tyndale with helping to prepare her for the workplace: “Being able to work under pressure is key to being successful in my job. My professors were very helpful by being available to discuss education opportunities such as master’s programs and navigating employment options through referrals.”

Outside of the classroom, Laura was equipped with the skills and knowledge for her career during her internship experience. “I learned how to network and developed relationships with employers,” she says. Together with her university education, those relationships helped her secure her first job so soon after graduation – she began her career two days after receiving her degree.

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