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Peter Choi


Future Human Rights Lawyer

Peter Choi

Program: BA History [2013]
Job: Graduate student in the University of Ottawa’s Juris Doctor (JD) Common Law program

Peter Choi [BA History 2013] discovered what he wanted to do for his career through his university undergraduate studies at Tyndale. He is now a graduate student in the University of Ottawa’s Juris Doctor (JD) Common Law program. “The academics at Tyndale taught me to think critically. As a history major, I learned to dissect the evidence of the past, and objectively analyze and illustrate it.” Professors, classes, students, chapels and short-term missions all played their own unique role in confirming his desire to go out and  fight sex trafficking as a human rights lawyer.

God spoke to Peter in a powerful way through his experiences at Tyndale. “I believe that He wanted me to become an advocate for those who have been exploited in the sex trade,” says Peter. He is looking forward to making a difference.

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