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Shant Mardirosian


Redeeming the Burger, One at a Time

Shant Mardirosian — Redeeming the Burger, One at a Time

Program: BA Biblical Studies & Theology [2003]
Job: Founder & Owner of The Burger’s Priest restaurant franchise

Shant Mardirosian [BA Biblical Studies & Theology 2003] has been able to take what he learned at Tyndale and apply it to his career as an entrepreneur, where he combines his business sense and passion for good food with his faith.

Shant is the founder and owner of The Burger’s Priest, a successful and popular chain of burger joints in the Greater Toronto Area. While studying at Tyndale, one of his professors helped him uncover what his identity in Christ looks like: “It’s about seeing what’s wrong in the world and doing what I can to fix it in my own little way,” he says.

The Burger’s Priest website has a section where it introduces the gospel message to visitors. “I get great responses,” Shant says. “A lot of people say, ‘I found a great church because of you.’” Now Shant is “redeeming the burger one at a time,” and extending that vision to the rest of the food services industry by operating his business on ethical practices and doing right by his customers. “This idea of fulfilling your ministry – finding what your good at and doing it – is the best. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else right now.”

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