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Sonja Hotke


Women’s National Floorball Team

Sonja Hotke

Program: BA Psychology [2011]
Job: Manager for National Women’s Floorball team; works for FloorballPro

Sonja Hotke [BA Psychology 2011] manages the Women’s National Floorball Team that has gone to the world championships. She can see that her university experience at Tyndale and her psychology degree equipped her with the skills to succeed. Sonja has been able to take key lessons from Tyndale – such as the importance of teamwork, respect for your opponents, following the rules and listening to her coaches – and apply them to the floorball court both as a player and a coach herself.

 “A lot of coaching is off the court, at the hotel or before and after the games, building into the lives of the players,” she says. “They appreciate it when you know who they are beyond being a player on the team.” This job allows her to use her gifts and love for the sport. “I love being part of a team,” she says. “It’s almost like a second family.” Yet it goes even deeper than that: “When I play, I feel really close to God.”

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