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Whitney Reeve


Whitney Reeve

Program: BA Psychology [2011]
Job: Behaviour Analyst at Kids Solutions clinic

Whitney Reeve [BA Psychology 2011] works as a Behaviour Analyst in a clinic, where she helps to improve the lives of children with autism and their families through her work and research. Her Tyndale experience equipped her with the skills to invest her abilities into helping the children she has grown to love.

During her studies at Tyndale, Whitney had the opportunity to work directly with children who live with autism through the Tyndale Research in Autism and Community Education (TRACE) program. TRACE is a not-for-profit organization operated by Tyndale psychology faculty that conducts research, offers autism intervention services such as social skills summer camps and provides seminars and training programs for parents and professionals. In her work with TRACE, Whitney had the opportunity to apply her learning in each of these areas, and also directed the social skills summer camp.

She is now using the skills she gained at Tyndale to make a difference in the lives of children with autism in her job. In addition to her clinical work, Whitney is studying to complete her Master of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

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